Racking and stabilizing an "Instant Grape"

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Apr 17, 2010
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Greetings -
I'm following a recipe for "instant grape". I started it about 3 weeks ago.

When racking to the secondary, I added a clarifier "sparkolloid". According to the recipe, if I'm not going to filter (I'm not), I should rack again, back sweeten/add remaining juice and stabilize.

The wording is a bit unclear... is it okay to rack into a clean secondary, stabilize/back sweeten now? Or should I just rack now and do the rest in 4-6 weeks when I bottle? I'm assuming those 4-6 weeks should be in a carboy so I can rack off any remaining lees into bottles.

Also, I'm fairly sure I should use 1/4tsp/gallon of sorbate, but what about the K-Meta or Campden (NA-Meta). It seems most people use 1/8tsp/6gal of K-Meta... I think it's going to be hard to measure 1/48tsp :)

I would not clear till you add the juice (will cloud the wine) and back sweeten.
BUT, add the K-Meta and Sorbate once it goes dry (.990)
K-Meta is a rate of 1/4 tsp for 6 gal
Sorbate is 1/2 tsp per gal
Get a gram scale for accurate additions
I agree with Tom fully! Even using a simple syrup can cloud up the wine. Just make sure you give it at least a week after sweetening to make sure it doesnt start fermenting again as Mother nature can sometimes play games like this or sorbate could go bad as far as shelf life and sometimes supply places dont rotate their stock. You could get campden tablets if you plan on making 1 galon batches or you can make a solyion like this and save the rest as it stays good for a long time.

For a 1 gallon batch

Take 1/4 teaspoon k-meta and dissolve in 12 ounces of water. Mix thoroughly. Add 2 ounces to your 1 gallon and you have it nailed.

1/4 tsp of k-meta is good for 6 gallons so by mixing it with water makes it easier to divide into portions. Just make sure you can divide it by 6
Thanks guys -- So this is what I've gathered:

- Wait for wine to go dry (.990)
- Sorbate (1/2tsp/gal) (and optionally Campden/K-meta/NA-meta using Wade's method which I like), add juice and/or backsweeten (now/once dry)
- Wait to clarify (4-6wks)
- Bottle

yes? :r
Sulfite should not be optional in my opinion especially if sweetening and adding sorbate. Without sulfite your wine can start a malo lactic fermentation and in the presence of sorbate this would be bad! Sulfite is what protects your wine from oxidizing (turning brown or even getting an infection).

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