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Oct 27, 2008
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When making a wine kit can I add a sweetener [in what I call the 3rd step]..
Hope I explained this correctly??
Yes you can add a sweetener after the sulphite and sorbate are added.

OK TY.. I was only wondering because of it being a kit? Didn't think it would matter but was double checking! ;)
Maybe if you told me which kit (always a good idea), I might change my mind.

BTW, a number of kits include a sweetener to be added after the s&s.

Sorry, didn't think the type of kit mattered?? Need any other info?

Vintner's Bergamais
Friend & I shared the cost of the kit [splitting it between us then] she wants it to be semi-sweet.. I can live with that but love sweet better!!
To each their own but I do believe this 1 would be nice as a semi as its pretty fruit forward which will be perceived as sweeter.
Vintner's Harvest Bergamais. Sounds good. Beaujolais style, should be good to drink fairly young especially when sweetened. And the kit probably doesn't matter in this case, but I'd like everyone to get in the habit of being specific when asking about kits, because sometimes it matters. (EG Winexpert Riesling only narrows the field down to 5 or 6 (guessing) possible kits.)

Sweetening when two people want different results...Bottle the batch with sufficient sweetener for the least sweetness (in this case semi-sweet for your friend). Then the person (you) who wants it sweeter can add a small amount of sweetener to their glass.

So Cool.... I didn't realize I could add sweetener to the wine when I went to drink it [in glass].
I can use wine conditioner??

As for giving more info = I will make sure of that from now on!
I have ben using wine conditioner. Others have mentioned using sugar. Not sure how well it dissolves.

We have a friend who likes sweet wines (think a mist wine like Blackberry Merlot). We put a good squirt into her glass of dry red wine, and she is quite happy with it.

It is the Winexpert Vintners Reserve. When using plain Ole Table sugar you add 2 cups of suagr to 1 cup of boiling water and stir it well and let it cool to room temp and add it slowly to a wine that has been stabilized with both k-meta and sorbate and add it slowly and taste often as if you over sweeten then you will have to cut it with a like dry wine.