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Jul 12, 2013
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Looking for advice on co-inoculating grape must with Malolactic bacteria and Yeast at the same time, if good idea to first allow oxygen into the process at the beginning which would benefit the yeast during their initial stage of multiplication, and soon after that maybe 24 hours into vigorous fermentation, put on the fermentation lock so the Malo bacteria can do its process under little oxygen? Always thought was better to keep yeast under aerobic process during primary fermentation until it slows down, but this goes against what the Malo wants which is little oxygen.


Rob S
Regarding co-inoculation, wine wasn't inoculated with Malolactic bacteria until 1959. This means that prior to 1959 all wine that underwent MLF was co-inoculated. I think you'll find that whether you lock down or don't you will have little problem co-inoculating. Technically all natural ferments are co-inoculated. Also during pressing the wine will have plenty of exposure to oxygen.

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