Pineapple not clearing

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Sep 18, 2010
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I have been trying to get my Pineapple Riesling to clear for the past two weeks. Here is the receipt
5 Gallon recipe
10 lbs – Cored, Skinned, and Diced Pineapples
5 -7 lbs - Over-ripe Bananas (frozen then thawed)
8 -10 lbs (based on SG) – White Table Sugar
¼ tsp – K-Meta
6 tsp – Yeast Nutrient
¼ tsp – Pectic Enzyme
3 tsp - Ascorbic Acid
1 Can - Riesling Concentrate
1 Lavin Yeast 1116
4-5 Gallons (to get to 5 gallons)– Water

After degassing well and adding KMeta and Sorbate I added SuperKlear. I got about a 1/2 inch of sediment to fall but the wine was not crystal clear. The wine has a nice golden pineapple look to it but is not crystal clear. If I hold a light to the back I can see the light but it is foggy. It doesn't help that I was making my first batch of Skeeter Pee at the same time. The SP cleared over night and looks perfect. However, I then warmed the Pineapple carboy to 72* and added 2 1/2 tsp of Pectic Enzyme. This has not changed anything. My plan is to wait another week and then try Bentonite. I am hoping you guys may have some insight.


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Mar 30, 2009
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I have made only one batch of pineapple and took months and months to clear. I racked it about every 30 days to help in the clearing. but finally I got it to clear. other than filtering that is about the best advice I can give you. hopefully one of the senior members can help some more..