Ordering my vines couple quick questions?

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Just heard from the vineyard! Mine vines are due to ship out April 19th! They even let me change my order! Getting 3 Cab Sauvignon, 3 Cab Franc, 3 Vidal Blanc, 3 Riesling, 6 Merlot, 6 Pinot Gris, 6 Pinot Noir, & 6 Traminette! 36 Vines I better get my butt in gear and get the ground prepped this week!:h
Welcome to the grape growing addiction (Oops I meant hobby there). I too have some more vines coming in the near future. Spent most of sat. and part of sun. playing around in the garden prepping for the upcoming growing season.
This very night JD says to me, "You really hooked me in there, got me to put in the drip system for 11 vines, and the trellis, dig the holes, and all, and NOW you have 180 more vines possible?" Silly man! He does like the wine. Of my 180 cuttings, 18 are leafing out big time, and I can see most of the rest will pop! JD doesn't have to worry. They are just baby cuttings......... :h
Vine distance & expected volume of wine

I have done alot of research and have put in my own vineyard, I have Merlot which needs alot of sun. I am using VSP trellis of 6ft tall. The rows are 6 ft apart so that the rows do not shade each other. My soil is rocky, sandy loam on a south slope. The vines are 4 ft apart - cordons 2 ft each way from main stem. This is to keep the size of each vine down, for quality. I will be prunning to keep the amount of bunches down to give me about 3 bottles of 750ml finished wine (thats about 10 - 14 lbs of grapes) from each vine. I hope this helps you.

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