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Nov 21, 2012
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Anyone see anything announced on what the new Winexpert Kits are going to be.

I see they have a few brands replacing all of their current brands, but I can't see what the kits in each will be.
Just saw this myself and came here looking for details. I'm unclear on how the new kits align with the old, what the differences are, etc. The info I saw alluded to changes to ingredients, skins, juice quantity, etc.
Here are what the new kits are;

Private Reserve
Reserve, Classic
Island Mist
On The House

These will be the new brands of Winexpert!

Hoping for some high end stuff in the Private Reserve
Yeah I saw the names of the new lines, but no explanations in order to compare old to new
I’m told it’s just a rebranding and consolidation initiative. I saw the new logo. Did not impress me.

But, if the effort has the chance of improving the wines, I’ll reserve judgement. Hopefully it’s not just “old wine in new bottles.”
I'm concerned about the bits about change in juice quantity and figuring out what the new "top" brand is
WineXpert has changed the description of their Island Mist series -- in the past they included the base grape variety, but that was not in the descriptions when I purchased a kit last month.
Saw a quick video promo-ing the new lines and saw the Amarone. Back from the dead!
Hmm, saw a promo too. I noticed that basic is 8 liter, reserve 10 liter and private reserve 14 liter to 23 liters. Tag line was smaller kits require less pasteurization means better wine...

Some info on their website

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These guys are going to blow their company up. I feel sorry for Label Peelers, cause I spend in the neighborhood of 500-700 dollars a year with them at least (and I'm small potatoes), but I really feel like I'm being insulted when I watch that clip. SMALLER KITS MEANS LESS PASTEURIZATION makes better wine. If they want to say that, then they are implicitly saying that their legacy 14L kits are better quality than the legacy 23L Eclipse. This is absolutely imbecilic. When I heard about it, I thought, well maybe they got the latest mega-million dollar Flash Detente and it's SO good that 14L can = 23L - but I'm writing that off as a fantasy I manufactured because I didn't want to believe these guys could be so stupid.
Maybe they invented a new technology that only pulls water out of grape juice without losing any aroma or goodies. I am dreaming that can be the case.
I flatly don't believe the pasteurization hype. If you want to limit the exposure to heat, you can pasteurized small quantities of juice quickly and pour them together for a big kit. Sure a small kit may require less pasteurization and as such may retain more flavor, etc. BUT, it's still a small kit with less juice that requires a lot of water be added.