new to campden and have questions

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Sep 27, 2009
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In my rather limited wine making experiance I have never used sulfites and have never had a problem.

Now that I've been reading more and more about it I realize I probly do need to be doing that, why go through all that time and work if you don't protect it.

I have three batches going right now and will be adding cambden tablets to them tonight most likely, but I also have a batch that is ready to cork and I just got a corker and I'm excited to try it out.

How long should I wait after adding the tablets to bottle it?
as long as its thoroughly mixed it shouldn't matter for sulfites.

however...are you adding sorbate too? to prevent a renewed fermentation? sorbate & sulfites are usually added and need to be done at the same time (never add ONLY sorbate).

the kits I've used, you usually sorbate/sulfite, add the finings and then wait for it to finish clearing, and bottle.

be sure to use the right amount of campden though. don't over do it.
Thanks for the help Malkore, upon noticing the spelling error above my searchs turned up much more information. :D
fixed the spelling for you.. will make it easier for future searches,,

Make sure you disslove theb tablets by crushing them well first and by dissolving them in a little water or even better some extracted wine. DO NOT add them to your wine whole!!!!!! If you are making mre then 3 gallon batches all the time dont waste your money on campden tablets and get a 1lb bag of the k-meta powder and a little 1/4 tsp measuring cup.

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