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Feb 28, 2009
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:mad:I am at the final stap of my wine making process. the directions say that the wine needs to be extremely clear before it can be bottled. The problem is that I still have some fine sediment in the bottom of the carboy with my wine and I'm not sure what I should do to complete the clarifying process? Any advice????:mad:
Cameron what kind of a kit is it? and what day in the clearing stage is it at? when there is sediment still hanging in suspension, at the bottom I would be patient, and leave it for a few more days, when the instructions say 12 or 14 days leave it for more than what they say, be patient.
It is Pinot Gris. And today is day 14 of the 7-14 day clarifying process, but the kit said if it is not clear by this day to wait another 7. My main concern was that the sediment at the bottom does not seam to have gotten any beteer since day 1. Thank you for the response.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but isn't that where you want your sediment to be? At the bottom? Sounds like you just got some drop-out after your first racking, which is normally expected.

How clear is the wine itself? Even thou Pinot Gris can be a pretty deep shade of gold, it still should be perfectly clear before bottling. If you look through the carboy at a candle flame or other small light source on the other side, you should see no haziness whatsoever.

If it's hazy, give it more time like the directions said. If nothing has improved after 7 more days, and you've already sufited and fined your wine (and your sure the wine is finished), you could just try stirring the lees (sediment) at the bottom back up into the wine and waiting another week. If it's still not clear, you may just want to contact the wine kit's manufacturer for advice, or try different fining products.

You know you have a serious clearing problem when your wine has been freshly racked weeks ago, there is no sediment at the bottom, and yet a haze persists in the wine.
If its still in suspension then give it more time. I would advise anyone to always rack off sediment to a clean vessel and then bottle from there as its very easy to stir up the botto during bottling and then you will have cloudy bottles or 1/2 you bottlles clear and the rest in the carboy will be cloudy and you will have to wait a week before that clears with no way to top up exposing your wine to 02. Its one more step but really makes your end product a better 1.