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Jun 2, 2010
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6/6 - started batch. muscat concentrate from for 5 gal batch. Added 1 heaping tbs of pectic enzyme, 5 teaspoons fermax, let sit for a couple hours. Pitched EC-118 at 75 and 1.095 SG. First signs of fermentation at about 12 hours.

7/3 - Racked to secondary, SG 1.02. Temp ~72

7/11 - SG .995. Wine smells as little funky, a little gym socky maybe, also it is SUPER carbonated. Temp ~72

Here are my questions: should I concern myself with how the wine smells/tastes quite yet?

This is my second batch, my first was a mediocre vino de vida chard kit that turned out just alright, definitely lacking body, and is aging while I pray for results. The chard smelled a little off throughout its ferment and month of clearing, but "came into its own" bouquet before bottling. Should I be concerned about the muscat?

Secondly, just for information, why is this batch so carbonated? My chard wasn't carbonated at all and didn't get any bubbles while degassing. Are some varietals gassier than others? Does temp matter? Just curious.

Lastly, should I go ahead and sorbate? Would it hurt to take a few readings over the course of a few days to make sure its dry? My plan is to sorbate, add kmeta, add pectic, add clearing agent, degass, sweeten and possibly fpac with a little peach syrup, and stirr/degass again. Thoughts?

Thank you all... this forum has been a great help in helping me understand this awesome hobby.


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Dec 4, 2009
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Hi jabrooks,

What do you mean by carbonated? Are you talking when you got the concentrate that is was carbonated or while it is fermenting? If it was carbonated when you got it, this sounds like it was already fermenting. If you are talking that your wine seems more gassy while it is fermenting, some wines do tend to be more gassier than others. I don't think it is a particular grape, I have made wine from the same fruit and I degassed for ever and then the next time it hardly needed degassed.

Take a reading for a few days to make sure it has completed fermentation and stabilize. Adding a peach syrup sounds very good and make sure the wine is degassed before bottling