muscadine winter damage

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Mar 30, 2022
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SE Missouri
Live in zone 7a which is borderline for muscadines. Last spring I planted few, winter killed one outright, another only had about 3 feet of the cordons killed. The third is the one I have a question about. It appeared to have been killed but the trunk is budding out at about 2 foot high, it is also growing a new sprout from the root. The sprout has grown to about 8 inches. Should I cut off the trunk and allow the sprout to grow into another trunk or allow a bud on the existing trunk to grow.
Are your vines grafted? If so, the vine growing out from the root is probably not muscadine and should be yanked out.

If they are not grafted, I’d probably let all of them grow for a few weeks and then decide. I’d have a preference for the higher buds as they are a year or two ahead of the root sprout - but want to make sure they are strong and likely to be productive