Mix or not mix wine juce (not pressed grape) with wine from press grape

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Sep 17, 2007
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We make wine from grape since 3 year. After the first fermentation, we get told to separate the wine obtain whithout pressing the grape and the wine optain when we press the grape.

Should we really keep separate theses wine. By example, my Shiraz obtain by non pressed grape have a lot a fruit but no body. The one obtain with the wine from pressed grap have a lot of body but almost no fruit. This wine have only 1 year but I would like to understand if this year i should mix the pressed wine with the non pressed wine or still keep it separated.

Thank you

Louis-Jocelyn Paquet
Ahhh... to blend the free run juice with the pressed juice, that is the question. There are varying opinions on this subject. The free run (juice before pressing) is generally more sought after because it does not contain as much tannin from the pressed grapes. When you press the grapes you can get to much tannin and if pressed to tighlty you can impart some bitterness from the seeds. I have always blended the two together because 1) I liked the balance of the two and 2) what would I do with the pressed juice it it was too tannic. By blending both I get a well balnced wine.
Thank you. This answer well the question. I will mix the both this year and see the result. I will make sure to net press too much the grapes.

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