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Feb 2, 2009
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Hi all,
I just racked my first batch of wine that I'm making from a kit (Celler Craft Cab), and I'm hooked! Already planning my next batch. I'm pretty familiar with the big wine kit brands, but I'm wondering if there are any smaller brands that I should check out. Any advice is appreciated!

Re: Micro-Wine Kits

Sure thing - I'm in the US - specifically the Chicagoland area. I've heard of RJ Spagnolds, Heron Bay, WE Selections and Vintners Reserve, Wine Kitz and of course, Cellar Craft.

Looks like all of those brands are all owned by the same one or two companies. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought I'd try a smaller, independent brand if you guys had any to recommend.

Thanks again.
Cellar Craft is the smaller independent brand in your list.

A Canadian company called Peller owns Vineco, Winexpert (VR, Selection, etc), and World Vintners (Heron Bay and Wine Kitz). Spagnols is their biggest competitor and is owned by Vincor which is owned by Constellation Brands.

Cellar Craft is owned by Vitality Food Services.

I don't recommend any of the others.

OOPS forgot about US Elite. Have heard some excellent comments about their products. They have a new 10 day product that bothers me slightly (called Pacific Vintners), but I know very little about it.

I think that US Elite was started by World Vintners before they were owned by Peller. I do not know what the current ownership is. They would qualify as a smaller, less well known brand, that is said to be very good quality.


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