Mega Purple and Glycerol

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"Tasting like grape candy" would surprise me. At least if we are talking about the taste of "grape flavored" candies and soda. My understanding is that this taste is primarily from methyl anthranilate, which is found in Vitis labrusca (i.e., North American) grapes (like Concord), but not in Vitis vinifera grapes. (Rubired is a V. vinifera grape.) CORRECTION: SEE BELOW.

Maybe "candy" as in MP-wines often have a bit of residual sugar? 🤔

ETA: Rubired does have some V. rupestris in its ancestry. I was reading Wine Searcher as one of my sources, and I misread part about on Aramon. Evidently Rubired uses an Aramon Ganzin variety (which is a hybrid) in its ancestry.
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Well, other than fixing flaws in bad wine of course. 😉 Actually, now that you mentioned it I have read that it “tastes Ike grape candy” before.
Yeah I guess, if it’s for color I would rather use Alicante Bouschet which we planted like 3 rows of it solely to use for color if we get bad color