Marijuana surpasses alcohol in daily use for Americans, study finds

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Jan 12, 2012
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More people in the United States say they are using marijuana daily or near daily, compared with people who say they are drinking alcohol that often, according to a new study.
In 2022, about 17.7 million people reported daily or near-daily marijuana use, compared with 14.7 million people who reported drinking at the same frequency, said the report, which was based on more than four decades of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. It was the first time the survey recorded more frequent users of cannabis than alcohol, the report added.

The research was published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Addiction. The research window spans the years 1979 to 2022, and the 27 surveys that were analyzed involved more than 1.6 million participants during that time frame.

The study described the growth in daily or near-daily cannabis use as “striking.” While “far more people drink” than use marijuana, high-frequency drinking among Americans is less common, the report said. The 2022 survey found that the median drinker reported drinking on four to five days in a month, compared with 15 to 16 days in a month for cannabis.

*COUGH, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH* (waving the air with hand): "Far out, man!" 😆
I grew up with my mom smoking 1/2 pack a day. It never bothered me until I moved out, after which I could no longer tolerate smoke. A while back Mrs. WM81 and I read an article about legalization of MJ, and we both wondered about the long term health effects of smoking on the population.
When I moved out to the country I soon found out a lot of people smoke pot. It has helped older people with pain and keeps alcohol challenged people from drinking. Of course most people that smoke just like to be stoned. There are many creams and gummies formulated for arthritis as well. My sister just drove 5 hour round trip to Michigan to get cream for her arthritis and gummies to help relax her husband who has mild OCD. I’m sure there will be long term damage from smoking, but seems like a lot of benefit. I quit smoking at 28 because it disrupts my memory. I have friends from high school tho who have great memories. 52 years ago.
Vaping is the one that has me wondering. People have been smoking pot for ages. Some make it to 90 without a hiccup. Others get cancer at 50. No real rhyme or reason.

Inhaling atomized glycol seems like it would have to have artery clogging properties as one of least of the possible concerns. The clouds these guys get with their fancy vape sticks. I walked by an old fella in a parking lot. He was puffin out huge clouds. When you get close and smell hubba bubba, you just have to giggle.

I vaped for a few months. Gave me something to occupy myself with while I quit smoking. I lowered the nicotine to zero, and after that point it was pretty pointless, so I quit vaping too.

Funny to see people swapping smokes for vape. I suppose they believe it is the lessor evil.
Funny to see people swapping smokes for vape. I suppose they believe it is the lessor evil.

To me, smoking a plant would be far less harmful than inhaling vaporized chemicals. But maybe that's just the former smoker in me speaking.
To me, smoking a plant would be far less harmful than inhaling vaporized chemicals. But maybe that's just the former smoker in me speaking.
It's all vaporized chemicals, isn't it? Just different composition. It's entirely possible I'm wrong, but I cannot understand how inhaling any of the mentioned items on any regular basis is good.
Interesting that the US is relaxing the laws around the inhalation of Marijuana, implying it must be healthy, but attacking the wine/alcohol industry as it is bad...

I do believe that there is some value in THC for pain relief, but it is interesting that there seems to be stepped up attacks on the wine industry, which has studies backing up the claim it is healthy in moderation. This coming from a guy who somehow made it to 60 without smoking MJ. I'll take the red wine instead, please.
In my youth I smoked cigarettes and marijuana. I quit my pack a day nicotine habit 40 years ago and it was one of the hardest things I ever did. That was a health choice. Giving up pot was more of a put-away-childish-things decision based on getting serious about adulting. After all, it was illegal so there were potential legal and social consequences. From a health standpoint I did not equate sharing a few joints with friends on the weekend to smoking 20 cigs every day. Giving it up was way easier than the nicotine. Now that the laws have been relaxed in many places in America I am considering trying it again.
As for wine vs pot, (and this is just my opinion) I don’t think the relaxing of the laws was because it was deemed healthy. It’s more about it not being serious enough to jail people over. And I don’t consider publishing a study that doesn’t say what I want it to say to be an attack. It is the nature of scientific study the contradict previous scientific study. Again, just my opinion.
Pot is still a felony in my state, so I never, ever have anything to do with it. :rolleyes: But a friend has told me that one can simply swallow a small amount of the bud, or do the pinch between the cheek and gum thing, and avoid smoking it altogether. This friend says the only drawback to eating it is ingesting too much, as the onset of mellow is delayed so there could be overkill. My friend also says that gummies or bud work well to ease fibromyalgia symptoms. Another friend says that even the Delta-9 variant gummies found in states where pot is illegal will work to promote sleep.

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