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May 26, 2008
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So it is that time of year.
You know looking back (in utter amazement :D ) at the past year and wondering why on earth you did some things you did.

So here we go, this IS about wine of course :p

The best wines I made in 2007:
- Elderberry / blackberry mix
- Strawberry from jam
- Apple from juice

The strangest wines I made in 2007:
- Beet wine (still has to mellow out, tastes still a bit like mud, but is
getting better each month)
- Wine from dandelions (which is now after 9 months
becoming a great wine !!!)

The worst wine I made in 2007:
- Kiwi wine. Really awfull. I hope my current batch which
just started fermenting turns out well.

You can find the recipes for the strawberry and elderberry wines
on my web-log in the archives ( )

Ok thruth or dare :D
Who is next :p


I saw your recepie last night and rushed out today to the AH to get the jam, sounds absoutly nuts, I just couldn't resist. Now I have got everything together and wanted to read you write up again and it is gone... where did it go?