Low pH, low TA Pinot Grigio

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Aug 19, 2012
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Asking for the esteemed forum members' thoughts on this. I've made fruit wines for several years and just getting my feet wet with grapes.

I got a 6 gallon juice bucket of CA Pinot Grigio which has some strange numbers: pH 3.01, SG 1.088, and TA 0.4%.

I recalibrated my MW102 and retested the TA three times, same result. The raw numbers on the TA test using 0.2 normal sodium hydroxide: 4ml to get pH to 8.2 on 15ml of must.

I also got 3 lugs of Syrah which seems more in line: 1.102, 3.65. TA 0.5%.

I will take suggestions on either one, but I'm particularly interested in thoughts on the PG. My plan was Opti White, QA 23 with as cool a ferment as I can maintain. Having relied mainly on pH for tweaking my fruit wines, I'm thinking I should leave it alone and not try tweaking it, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask here.

Thanks in advance.
That pH on the PG is way low! I wonder how green the grapes were when picked. I would definitely ask your source on the PG what's up with those numbers, if your equipment is calibrated and you have confidence in the analysis being accurate.

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