Late addition cream ale

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Feb 28, 2013
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This time around I was aiming for a lawnmower beer with a citrus nose. I took a bunch of Mexican/summer lagers recipes and bastardized them.
This is my first attempt at nothing But late hops and whirlpool into.

All Grain

Yeast: US-05

Batch Size (Gallons): 5

Original Gravity: 1.050

Final Gravity: 1.014

IBU: 20


5 # 2 Row

3 # Flaked Corn

1 # Flaked Barley

Mash at 152f for 60 minutes
Spa rage 170

60 minute Boil

1oz Cascade pellets 25 min

Whirlfloc15 min

1oz Centennial pellets 5 min

1oz of Citra pellets
chill wort to 170f then steep for 30 minutes

Carbonate to 2.6volumes ImageUploadedByWine Making1492478894.461047.jpg
ImageUploadedByWine Making1492478830.711717.jpg
ImageUploadedByWine Making1492478853.407678.jpgImageUploadedByWine Making1492478830.711717.jpg
Un carbed, it is smooth with slight citrus/grapefruity flavor.
Lots of citru aroma!
Very crushable!
So light, clear and drinkable.
Went down easy, too easy.
Has aroma and slight citrus flavor.
Defiantly my most "commercial" like beer ImageUploadedByWine Making1493752218.500449.jpg
ImageUploadedByWine Making1494551383.906366.jpgdont not taste much like a cream ale.
More like a corona with more citrus flavor
In that case, I'll be right over! Looks delish!

I think it is very light & crushable. Slight citra flavor & aroma.
Swmbo did not like the flavor, felt it was too hoppy (Ron Howard voice)- it wasn't!

Next going to try this with a lime wedge!
Ha. I add lime to Carona, Coors and the like. I made a similar beer once, a lime ale. Friends thought it was great. I didn't like because if you have to add lime, it's not a very good beer. I psyched myself out. Haven't brewed that again.
ImageUploadedByWine Making1495980263.390590.jpg tried with a lime. Meh!
Tastes too much like a good brew with too much lime!
I think this recipe works on its own.
Next time I am going to up the late addition hops, maybe some mosaic

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