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Jan 29, 2011
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I admire Lou Holtz for all that he has accomplished. He is a great motivator and role model. Many years ago when I was gainfully employed, we had Lou as a guest speaker at a management seminar. He told the story of the 1978 Orange Bowl between his team, the 6th ranked Arkansas Razorbacks and the 2nd ranked Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma began as an 18-point favorite and the spread was increased to 24 points after Lou suspended four of his players for team violations, including two running backs who had accounted for 78% of their points during the season. Arkansas fans wanted his head but he would not relent.

The upshot of the story is that Arkansas trounced Oklahoma 31-6!

After the game, a reporter said to Holtz, "I just knew you guys were going to win! When I saw your team rushing from the locker room to the field to begin the game, the enthusiasm was unbelievable. What it the world did you say to them to get them so fired up?!"

Holtz said, "Nothing too special. I just told them that Oklahoma was bigger than us, faster than us and stronger than us, and that the last 11 men out of the locker room were going to start!"

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