Is the juice concentrate in wine kits already sulfited?

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Feb 24, 2010
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Just a quick question. In these commercial wine kits, is the must already sulfited? I know in traditional winemaking its wise to sulfite the must before fermentation. The kits only say to add sulfite after fermentation, which leads me to the belief that they come sulfited. Can anyone confirm this?
Yep, the kit makers have included enough sulfite (what's in the concentrate and what's in the packet for stabilizing day) to see it through to bottling in their standard time frame and six months in the bottle. Most kits instruct you do add another 1/4 tsp at bottling if you expect to age more than 6 months.

Ditto. They are sulfited. This is true also for Alexander/Sun Country concentrates, as well as Welches frozen juices. Resist the temptation to add sulfites at the start as this may raise SO2 levels too high, causing a slow, stuck, or stinky ferment.

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