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Sep 19, 2008
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I'm new at this just started. I don't really know enough to ask questions just been reading alot of posts. We have a scuppernoog vine in back yard been there for years wife has made many many batchs of jelly so now we are going to try making wine. We live in rural East Texas with no wine supply store near by so it looks like I will do on-line ordering for everything and ask a whole bunch of questions. This looks like a fun and exciting thing to do. I've ordered and received by kit so now it's come down to what's next.

Hi, DRP -

Welcome to the forum!

Things are a little slow around here most of the time, so a little patience helps a lot when looking for a response.

The scuppernong wine sounds great.

Find yourself a recipe, if you haven't already, and start a log, recording every little step that you take in the process.

If you don't already have a hydrometer, let me encourage you to invest in one.

You will be making stabs in the dark without one!

Keep us informed on your progress.


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