How much Free so2 for two years in bottle

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May 23, 2013
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I am about to bottle my first batch from fresh juice. I like to age in bottle due to convenience.

When i do kits i add 1/4tsp just before bottling to ensure it is covered for copule years

Now i am measuring free so2 and would appreciate confirmation as if i need to go higher or if it will be fine just to make the mark on free so2 for the given ph?

If i do just what the curve recommends, will it be safe for two year in bottle?

Or shall i consider an extra?

Hey guys, please don't leave me out here... :)

Any words of wisdom are always welcomed!
Currently, I push the so2 to 50ppm. Some people don't like that, but I honestly don't know. (I'm new too!)

I really don't taste any so2 at 50ppm when I do open a bottle. I would think commercial so2 levels are even higher at bottling.

The best information I saw was based on the ph level of the wine.


That said, I don't actually test ph at this point since I've mostly done kit wines with the exception of the Dragon's Blood fruit wine.
i follow the graph provided above. You can find the same results in a chart. Regardless, the required level of FSO2 is pH dependent. The lower the acidity the more FSO2 required. As your pH gets above 3.6 you are talking about 50ppm FSO2. That's about where I consider adjusting the pH. You'd need to do some trials to see how you like it.
There is a great tutorial on SO2 at
I always keep trying to remember to SO2 test a bottle of commercial wine after I open it, like a 2007, just out of curiosity.

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