How many bottles can you safely stack?

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Sep 27, 2009
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I realize every bottle and situation is different but as a general rule how many bottles can you stack on top of one another till you risk one breaking.

I've recently moved and things are still all over. The other day I moved a book shelf over so I could stack some bottles between the wall and the shelf. Half way up the shelf shifted and all the bottles moved making a horrible sound. I thought a bottle blew out at the bottom. Luckily everything was fine but it left me wondering what everyone elses max bottle on bottle stack is.
My thoughts exactly. I currently only stack 4 high and each bottle is off set from each other. On a rare occasion I may place one or two more bottles on top of that but I don't care too.

I don't know that sound but I know what it looks like as well as the feeling I get in my stomach when it starts. It's better to remove the bottles, make adjustments then restack than "ahhh it will be fine as I move this.....woah! woah! woah!!!!!!"
This is what fits in my bulk storage... as you can see on the left, you can stack quite a few on top of each other without issue. Wine bottles are pretty sturdy.

Kinda wondered the same question torch.

Tooth that looks like a good solution.
When I get home from my trip, nex week. I will crush a few bottles for ya!! Sounds like a fun project. So look for pics and info in a week or two...

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