Hot Alcholic tast in batches of wine

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Jan 22, 2010
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Last year I tried my hand at making 2 batches of wine, one from cranberries and one from pomagranates. Both batches have a very dry, hot, alcholic taste. Is there a method to sweeten these batches? The fermintation appears to be complete, but I was unsure if adding sugar to sweeten them would reactivate any suspended yeast.
Thanks for any suggestions!
1st you added to much sugar if its to "hot" shoot for a starting gravity of 1.085.
2nd you can back sweeten with simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water)
What do you plan on making this year?
First welcome to the forum, what was your recipe?...for sweetness you can make a simple syrup (1 part water, 2 parts sugar) and add it to taste, make it a little less sweet then you want it because it will get sweeter over time. I believe aging will take care of some of the heat. Also make sure that you add k-meta AND sorbate so you dont restart fermentation... This may make your wine cloudy again so it will need re-clarification..
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