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Jul 23, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Nice to find a forum like this! My wife and I recently moved to Idaho from California and an
important criteria for selecting our new homestead was a place that supported growing
grapes. That led us to the winemaking region in South Western Idaho. We planted 90
Tempranillo and 90 Chardonnay vines last year and they're doing great so far. We have room
for a total of 1000 vines.

We're also going to be making our own wine and have been building a facility for this. Our
long-term goal is to form a co-op so that others can get involved in grape-growing and
winemaking. There's no way we could take care of 1000 vines by ourselves.

At some point we'd like to go commercial assuming we can create a nice-enough product.
Our vineyard will be Live Certified (http://www.livecertified.org).

The owner of a local vineyard/winery (just down the street) said in a curmudgeonly voice "Skip
growing the grapes just and make the wine from purchased juice." We took that as a challenge.
We're going to do everything from scratch. How hard could it be? :)

This year we'll be buying grapes and making a small batch of Syrah. Lots of
preparation to do....

Welcome to WMT. Sounds like an adventure in the making. Post up some pics of the vines when you can.
Many wineries in WA State don't grow their own grapes. Nothing wrong with that. Let the experts grow them and you purchase contracts to buy them and turn it into wine. You are jumping in feet (as well as head and shoulders knees and toes) it sounds like!
Welcome to WMT. I am "just" down the road in Glenns Ferry. This area is really seeing an explosion of wine making which is great to see. Best of luck on your new vineyard project....I am jealous!
Welcome from Salt Lake City, where I hope to do what you're doing in this slightly less than perfect climate for Vinefera grapes. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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