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Steve Atwood

Apr 17, 2023
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Hello everyone

Would someone be able to tell me what 50 ppm S02 equates to per gallon? Example for {5 gallons}

Thanks and Cheers!!

Steve Atwood
I found this "cheat sheet" very useful in the lower right corner for the 10% and 3% K-Meta solution tables. This makes it really easy to dose your must and/or wine. Make yourself some 10% solution. That would be 10 grams of K-Meta in 100ml of water and keep that in a plastic bottle. Get your self some graduated cylinders (lots on Amazon). Then just measure out what you need depending on the desired ppm and your volume. You can use measuring spoons since 1 tsp is 5ml but graduated cylinders I think are easier. For example, 50ppm in 5 gallons would take 16.4ml of 10% solution.
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Be careful not to confuse a 10% solution of Kmeta for a 10% solution of SO2. Kmeta is about 57% (plus or minus) SO2 with the other 43% being Potassium. So to make a 10% solution of SO2 add 175 grams SO2 and add water for a total of 100 ml.

BTW this is my first post on the site although I have been enjoying the threads for years.

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