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Jun 20, 2007
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Hi everyone,
This is my first time making wine. I am using a kit. I did primary and secondary fermentation, and degassed. I was at the point to top up the wine with either wine or water. I was told I could use Welch's grape juice. I topped up my wine with grape juice.......was this OK??.......after I did it I got thinking it might have been the wrong thing to do since I just added grape juice which was what I started with!!! Will this be OK? Will it need to ferment again? PLEASE anyone let me know!! Thanks in advance!!
Stesha -

Water is ok, but this can dilute the mixture and have less %/alcohol in the end (depending if you put a lot in). If you use grape juice, you will have a sweeter wine, since your adding more fruit concentrate. This isn't the worst thing... water would be in my opinion. Lastly and most commonly, people use the same type of wine to top off. Include your favorite brand of the same type to help with flavor and not dilute the mixture. This ensures that your wine will only get better with more TLC and your fav. wine! Don't give up... rack another time and this time add wine instead. Your not at a point of no return... keep up the good work and tell us how it goes!

Thanks FC, I am very glad to know I haven't destroyed the batch!
So, my plan before was to top up then in a week or so bottle. You are saying I should rack it first? What would this do? What would happen if I just bottled 1 week after topping with the juice? Thanks again.

Did you add the sorbate that came with the kit?

If so, you should be just fine.

If not, the grape juice may cause re-ferementation.

Hi, I did NOT add the sorbate. I added juice around 5:00 this evening. Can i add the sorbate now? It said in the instructions to add it before bottling?
should i add it now and wait a week to bottle? OR wait a week with the juice in then add the sorabte and bottle?
Sounds like poor instructions. The sorbate MUST be added prior to sweetening the wine otherwise the remaining yeast will start snacking on the sugars. Add the sorbate NOW and hope the yeast are still napping because sorbate usually won't stop busy yeast.

OK i added the sorbate, so I guess now i jsut wait?? I assume i will know it is fermenting if the air lock is moving?
Thanks for your help~
Yes, the air lock will be bubbling and/or you may see your wine moving (very slowly) when you have not touched it.

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