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Jan 9, 2009
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I am on my first wine. It is a white Zin. Everything went as planned; however, today was the day to bottle. I decided to transfer the wine to another bucket to prevent getting sediment into the bottles. But when I started transferring it, I sucked up some sediment so now the wine is cloudy again. It wasn't much sediment, but enough to make it cloudy. I also added metabisulfites to the wine. The question is what to do. Should I bottle it or do I let it sit for another week? If sitting for another week, will that metabisulfites be a problem? Also, there is a lot of air in the top of the container now. Should that be a concern?
Newbie help

Oh, I should add that this was a wine kit. It was very clear before I transferred it to another bucket.
I would say just put the airlock back on.Sterilize some marbles and add those to the carboy if you have them to reduce some of the headspace. Then just check it every day, when it gets clear again - bottle it. I don't think you're wine will experience any damage in that short amount of time.....

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