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Jan 28, 2010
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Hello, does anyone have advice for measuring SO2 when making dry red wines? I have used the Accuvin test kits, but it seems near impossible to accurately interpret the solution color compared to the chart they provide. None of the colors on the printed chart closely match (it's just an ink jet printed chart they provide). I have asked 5 people to interpret results and get 5 different answers.

Is there a better way for the semi-serious wine home wine maker? Or, is there a way to obtain a better quality printed color scale for these tests?


I use the Chemetrics Titrets. Most people, like you have difficulty matching the colors. Here's how I do it. I take a used glass titret and V V carefully break off the end so that I can fill it with my wine. Then follow the kit directions comparing the color of the test wine with your wine. Since both are in the same shape & size glass tube, matching the colors is much easier. I hold them in front of a light to make it even easier. Northern Brewer has the kit for about $15 for 10 tests.

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