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Save the Winos
May 21, 2017
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Columbus OH
I've been lurking for a while, since my husband bid on a wine kit at an event. We sort of frankensteined the first batch using bits of the kit, but now I'm merrily on my way! I've got a batch of skittles wine going and a batch of blueberry vanilla, which I plan to sweeten with good old Ohio maple syrup.

Hubby brews beer, but I'm a wine girl, so this is apparently some sort of bonding thing, but I'm really enjoying it, even in bitty 1 gallon batches. :)

I hope to make some pretty unique wines in the future, including a lime coconut. I'm still figuring out a gummy bear wine, made difficult from the gelatin in regular bears - but there are always vegan bears I guess!

I love reading everyone's posts in the forums and look forward to more interactions when I'm more experienced.