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Sep 1, 2008
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I'm new to the hobby and have lots of questions, some of then "hows" and some "whys." I like to understand the reason we do something a certain way. I'll try to look for answers before asking silly questions. Anyhow, here's to all of you and what seems like a rewarding hobby!

Welcome to a great hobby. Have you learned yet how addictive it can be?

One thing to learn, is that there are often several ways to accomplish the same goal in winemaking. None are necessarily wrong. So don't jump on the first answer you get as if it is the only answer.

Are you going to be making wine kits are using some of the fabulous Oregon fruit? Although I'm more familiar with Northern Oregon fruit than Southern Oregon.

I'm starting with kits, but it won't be long before I at least try starting from scratch. In fact I just talked to a local vineyard today that which grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot for other wineries and a co-op venture.

They're going to call me at harvest time and let me buy some grapes. So I've got a lot of reading to do in the next month or so. I'm really looking forward to getting some grapes that have made awarding-winning wines (Trium 2004 Growers Cuvee) and seeing what I can do with them.
Thanks, Steve:
I'm starting out with kits (one aging and one two days into fermenting) but seem to be rolling at breakneck speed into wine from grapes. I talked to the owners of a local vineyard Evans Creek Vineyard) today and agreed to get some cab and/or merlot grapes from them at harvest time in a month or so. Their grapes have been used to make some award-winning wines, so I'm excited to see what I can do with them. I've got a mess of reading to do in the next month or so.

Anyhow, thanks for the encouragement.


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