Grape leaf disease?

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How about some more info, what type of grape, where are you located, is this a current picture or from months ago? Don't think its black rot. What has the rainfall been like?
These are St. Croix grapes planted in June in eastern Iowa. We have had 10 inches of rain in September and this is a current picture.
A lot of my grapes are starting to get that look to them as well up here by Minneapolis. 30 planted last year and 103 this year, northern grapes. I was kind of thinking (maybe hoping) this is what they look like as autumn starts creaping in. Curious to hear the answer.
Likely it's fall settling in and plants starting to go dormant. But it could be fungal. Have you had a spray regimen and did you notice any small brown spots earlier in the season?
I hope too it's fall setting in...this is 1st year for them and I have no spray program for them yet...doing some digging in forums and have come up with one for next year.....these spots started showing up in september....thanks for your input!

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