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Jul 31, 2019
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Are there any package-solution type kits out there for an affordable price?

Any shopping list or complete kit you'd recommend for a rather beginner winemaker? :)

What kits have you guys been successful with when starting out?
Yes preferably package-deal solutions with everything you need(equipment, ingredients etc.)
LabelPeelers has equipment kits ( and great prices on the wine kits themselves. But it also might be just as good to forgo the equipment package and just buy the individual items you need. If there isn't a list somewhere of essential, recommended, and optional equipment, e.g., I'm sure one could be created without too much trouble.

As for the wine kits themselves, just get whatever sounds good.
LabelPeelers is my go-to spot for most things related to wine. However my first kit included everything - including the wine kit. I got it here:
This will get you started for a modest price and is designed for the beginner.
Should you exclaim, "I love making wine" you will quickly want to upgrade some items. For example, this kit has a low-end wine kit. It's decent but you will want to get a high-end kit next time. It has a PET Carboy and you will soon want a glass one. Also included is a hand-corker which you will soon be looking to replace with a floor corker. As @Brettanomyces said, buying these separately would be best, but to see if this hobby is for you, my recommendation is something like this. Keep us informed as to your choice and how your wine turns out!
Island Mist and Orchard Breezin make very good sweet fruity wine kits that are easy to make and ready in 1-2 months to drink. The wine expert Eclipse and RJS Premier are the top of the line kits and need a good 1-2 years to mature. The wine kits in between these 2 are normally pretty tasty at the 6 month mark.
Main wine equipment is 7 gallon bucket, 6.5 gallon carboy, 6 gallon carboy, wine degasser wand, siphoning equipment kit with a bottling wand, corker, sanitizer and equipment cleaner.

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