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  1. Nicholas DiNapoli

    For Sale Well Maintained Wine Making Equipment near Jersey Shore

    I have a well maintained and clean large capacity Italian basket Press (hand crank) with blocks, Clean and well maintained Italian Hand crank crusher/destemmer, Large capacity black fermentation bin in perfect condition, all for sale for $500 ($2,000+ when new!). I have lots of other wine...
  2. W

    Other Looking for help!

    Hi everyone, I am completing my final project for undergrad and looking for information about wine kit consumers. If you could take two minutes to fill out the survey below, I would greatly appreciate it...
  3. sebscot

    Good kits?

    Are there any package-solution type kits out there for an affordable price? Any shopping list or complete kit you'd recommend for a rather beginner winemaker? :) What kits have you guys been successful with when starting out?