Glossy labels suck!

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Feb 19, 2017
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I ain't going to lie, I freaking hate glossy labels. Water based label removal is like a cool drink on a summer day. It takes longer to find the dish soap than it does for actual label removal

Glossy, on the other hand, is a full on commitment. Is that teenie marketing edge gained by the big wineries worth this much pain to those of us that are trying to save the planet in our home fermentation endeavors?

Just venting.
Yes, they do suck. In my early days batches, using "wet and stick" labels was pretty much the norm. They float right off in water after you've consumed the contents and the bottles are easily ready for the next assignment. Got the bright idea to spray a clear sealer on the labels before applying them, they looked simply beautiful when done, shiny and smooth.

Removal was a different story. Since water couldn't penetrate the paper to loosen the glue, they were very difficult to remove. Ended up having to scrape the outer layer of the label off, which made the rest of the removal simple. Never did that again.
Label removal is a crap shoot. Now that I'm into this for several years and have many hundreds of bottles I'm a lot more selective. If a label is being a pain in the arse it get's maybe 20 seconds to change it's tune or it's going into the recycling bin.
I just quit soaking labels. I have a heavy duty single edge razor blade scraper and a big *** box of new blades. Got a piece of old carpet and I lay the bottle on it's SIDE and razor the label off....get most of the glue too. Removing labels is a PITA. I have a little "station" set up out in the shop...anytime I go out there, I try to de-label 6 or 8 bottles vs standing there for hours....small bites, eat the elephant.

going forward....plain paper labels with a white glue stick....these just float off.
Agreed - I've got to write down the good, the bad, and bast...s
Bliss Brand -warm water and the float off.
Stella Rosa will come off reluctantly but without adhesive remover IF I run hot water in the bottle and dry peel the label Even if the paper separates from the sticky film a little patience and it will peel off 80% of the time for me in one piece. Like the Stella Rosa with their little crown symbol in the glass. Just bottled up 15 bottle of Peach Wine in those bottles.

For the reluctant water soluble residue I got one of those grill pads (not metallic but very course.) It shreds the paper residue and the adhesive residue. Got a couple of nice bottles but they have a nasty adhesive residue that my solvent may get off.

OH - By the way If you can find citrus based adhesive remover spray or liquid it does a great job. My last two retail store jobs we used citrus based adhesive removers and they work great. Just be careful cause it can make those bottles slicker than snot.

Would be nice to get a list together of those brands that have easy labels and those that aren't worth the effort. I know some brands are regional but...
During warmer months I will take a 5 gallon bucket or two and set the bottles in there with soapy water for a few days, a week or until I remember they are there. Usually those that are going to be a royal pain will still be stuck tight. Unless I really, really like the bottle shape - I'm not dealing with those anymore - too many to choose from at the recycling center. I even used to slice the glossy labels with a razor blade before soaking but again that's so much work when there are so many easy ones to choose from.