Found navel oranges for 50 cents a pound, now I need a recipe

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Oct 26, 2008
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Just got off the phone with the produce manager at Fred Meyers and they have Naval Oranges for 50 cents a pound! That will work for me! Now I need a recipe. I only wanna make a 5 gal batch but could do more.

Seems to me citruc would be to acidic, but the seniors in here could give me some hints. if indeed I can make wine from these please send me a recipe. That price is good till Saturday. Sounds like it what I have been asking. I could even augment it with a frozen concentrated juice.

Please advise.

Thank You

The concentrate I am refering to is a mango/pineapple, and it is suitable for wine making (no sorbate or sulphites). Please let me know what you think
Thanks always
I made some wine with orange juice a couple years ago. I used red star Premier Cuvee yeast. Here is the receipe:

Juice of 18 oranges
1 1/2 gallons of water
5 lbs sugar
1/4 cup of raisins
2 tsp yeast nutrient
1/2 pkg premier cuvee yeast

Before I bottled it I had to add about a cup of sugar and a cup of orange juice. It was pretty powerful stuff. 19% alcohol if I remember right. When it started the S.G was 1.130. I have one bottle left that I am going to save for a few years and see how it is after aging. From what I understand it was the raisins that kicked up the alcohol. Now that I'm looking at the receipe there is alot of sugar for about 2 gallons of wine also. It also did not clear very well either, but when I made this I did not know that there were things out there that would help clear it. There was some sediment at the bottom of the bottles but it tasted ok. It ended up being a dry wine. Good Luck!
Thanks Pae, gonna give it a run, and like you say, tweak it a bit. Didn't mean to double post. I have some "Montrachet" yeast on hand, think it'd work?
Thanks Again
How should I prepare the oranges? I was thinking about peeling them and then smasshing em up in the cuisinart, then steeping them in hot water like tea, then remove the pupl after the primary is finished.
I've got a one gallon bottle that I'm going to have to try this in. I have an addiction to oranges.

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