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Oct 29, 2016
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Bottled up the first of my wines yesterday. Got the labels on today. No popped far. I have 7 varieties, 65 bottles total (some were 1.5L bottles). All but the Honeydew-Apple are crystal clear and taste pretty good even now. (I never could get that honeydew to fully clear)

I still have 3 gal. of Rhubarb ready to bottle (ran out of bottles) + 2 gal of Cranberry, 2.5 gal of Black Raspberry & 2 gal of strawberry-rhubarb to back-sweeten today.

Now to get ready for the spring wines - Dandelion Wine, some Cherry Wine, maybe some Sumac Wine this year.............

I think I'm gonna need a bigger wine rack............... and more bottles.......


Thanks to all the answered questions from members here. You all were a big help in getting me going in the right direction & fixing some flaws early on.
Looks good, but...
From here if looks like you corked some screw tops. I'm told that's risky...
Looks good, but...
From here if looks like you corked some screw tops. I'm told that's risky...
There's always a butt.............. :h
I did cork some screw tops - very observant! I got info from the wise folks here and my local brew shop that the screw top bottles were "cork-able". All suggested using #8 X 1 1/2" corks as they would go in a bit easier - which they did. I'm told the risk is that you blow the top as you insert the cork because the glass is thinner. Which I didn't, thankfully.

And I just sprayed the corks with SanStar - I'm no cork soaker. ::
Nice labels, what sofware did you use?
Thanks, my daughter liked them, too. Not being a computer wiz - I used the Avery 4 postcard template and my old Printshop program. I think I'll reduce the size on the next batch a bit, they were a little too tall for some of the long, tapered neck bottles. I printed them on 32# paper - which might be a bit heavier than necessary - I'll try 24# next time - and used spray adhesive to put them on. I hope that lets them come off easy.

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