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I am a newbie to winemaking and just created my first batch of a honey wine (mead) a week ago. I have been trying to go by the book with my first batch to make sure I get a good foot-hold on the basics, but I have run into a slight problem.

I started by fermenting my 5gallon batch for two weeks and as the fermentation process slowed I put it my carboy for another two weeks. At this time I was not sure when to bottle it so after these two weeks I decided to bottle.

The problem I am coming up with is I am having sedimentation form in my bottles! Did I need to let my wine sit in the secondary longer or is there a quick fix to my problem?


Just handle the bottles gently and pour carefully so that the sediment gets left in the bottles.

Next time let it sit in the carboy longer.

You could also consider the use of clearing (or fining) agents. Since I'm not a mead maker, I don't know if this is usual with mead, or which products would be recommended.

I've used bentonite to little success apparently. Is there a general amount of time I need to keep my wine in the carboy or just until it clears? Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated!

The general rule for wine makers is patience and that can't be over stressed. Instead of two weeks try giving it 4-6 months.
Although bentonite is a clearing agent, I don't consider it a general purpose clearing agent. In kit wine making it is usually used in conjunction with other agents such as isinglass, chitosan, or K-C.