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Oct 26, 2008
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I am maintaining 70 degrees F. The batch is almost 48 hours old and I am not seeing a whole lot of action in the fermenter and less in the water jug. I do however see some movement in the fermenter(it is a clear container). I now know brewing yeast was not correct. First question, "What kind of action should I be seeing at this point? Second, "Because I used brewing yeast, how long should I expect befor the first rack?.Thirdly, "Can I add the correct yeast after the first rack to "redeem myself"? Lastly, did I really mess this up?
I only have 10 dollars/us invested but feel terrible I made the mistake with the brew yeast, I'd hate to start all over. Any advice is appreciated. I am new to this forumn and to winemaking but am looking forward to being succesful at it and know this forumn will be a great help, it is an excellent site.
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Fairbanks, Alaska
you say Brewing yeast. What kind of yeast? It may not be a problem. 48 hours is too soon to be concerned.
Thanks for the reassurance, when however should I be concerned? I used Windsor brewing yeast, 11g, dissolved in 4 0z. water at 90F for 15 minutes, then I stirred gently and added it to the juices.
If this works how long before I need to transfer to a secondary and when will I know. Remember to about 3 gallons of juice I added about a quart of frozen berries. Thanks again for your help.
Shes going now! The results are yet to be seen. I have learned more about making wine from you all and this web site in the last 2 days than I could have learned from a book in 6 mths. THANK YOU. Well..I self learned French with books and was admited to a 202 college course in 3 months, I hope we can learn wine together and get more from it than I did all the time I put into French.Thanks Again. Troy
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