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Oct 7, 2016
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Ok first time making wine, had a bunch of grapes left over from our vines and after 65 jars of grape jelly, I decided to use what was left to make some wine. So I've had help from a friend and he's got me on the right path.I added yeast Fermentation when well, 1st racking and 2nd complete. I'm at around 10-12% alcohol. I tasted it the last time I racked and it had a little bitterness. What and when should I do it add? Wanting it to be a sweet wine not dry, so will probably add sweetener. I'm unsure of when I should do this and worried that if I add it too soon it will re ferment. Started this batch in early August this year.
The bitterness should fade over time.

For a sweet wine, most use sorbate prior to adding the sweetener. The sorbate renders the yeast sterile so that fermentation does not kick off again when you add your sweetener.
When should I add this? Can I do it now or wait until closer to when I bottle? Also is ok to add the sweetener at the same time or should I wait awhile.
I've added sugar at the same time as the sorbate with no issues. I think some will tell you to wait to add sweetener. But, the sorbate must go in before the sweetener (or at the same time).
When I've made concord, depending how much flavor the batch has I've added 1 can per gallon of 100% juice concord frozen concentrate & then a little sugar. It adds both flavor & sweetness.
Concord does take time to get the bite out. One local winery here says he ages 3 years with concord & Niagara to assure its ready.
Good luck.
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