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Mar 30, 2022
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SE Missouri
This year I planted several muscadine grape vines. I am at the northern limit for muscadines and have chosen the most cold hardy but expect that some will die with unusually cold winters. Would something like this help? I have fig trees planted on the south side of my brick house and three times in the last 30 years they have top killed but came back from the roots. I was wondering if this would help the grapes. At the least it should block the north wind, maybe stay a few degrees warmer for a few hours in the evening and warm up faster in the morning? I don't know if there is enough mass to make that much difference. Probably won't change soil temp at all. Is this a stupid idea? Do you think it would help? I have lots of bricks and could build the wall 3 feet tall or so. The double thickness would add mass and stability. Could also make it three (or four) sided. I would removed the bricks in the spring.


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Creating a more hospitable microclimate is a proven way to extend a plants range at the margins but I don’t know if what you’re proposing would be adequate. Now if you could train them up the south side of the house you may be onto something.
You definitely have me thinking (dangerous I know). Next year I’m replacing my south facing deck that overhangs a 7-foot tall stone retaining wall. I could probably plant two or three vines along the wall and let them climb up to the deck rail. I’ll bet I could grow a solid zone 6 or 7 variety ( I’m zone 5). It would even be possible to cover them and trap the walls heat to avoid spring frosts.
That's what I was thinking, that it would be too little mass to retain heat. I'm going to try it on that one vine anyway. I can't think of any downside, at least it will block the wind.
I am expecting that I will loose a few of the grape vines every few years but hope they will come back like the figs and I would only loose one season out of every 7-8.
Growing up in Upstate NY, in the winter my parents always parked cars so the tail faced the wind, as the oil wouldn't be as cold, so starting the car would be easier. Based upon that experience, anything you do to block wind may help.

You have stone so you're using stone; however, something like a 6' privacy fence may do more.

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