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Nov 6, 2006
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OK so, does this fit YOU??
Just change the location to fit YOU!

Once upon a time, there was a Texas grower and vintner, who had a small vineyard and winery. While he is out working one day, a beige sedan pulls up, and out gets a man, dressed in a suit, carrying a small briefcase. They meet at the fence, and business suit says "Hi. I'm from the Department of Labor, and I'm just checking in on labor conditions in the local businesses in my area."
The grower replies "well, nothing really interesting here. I have a part time field hand, I pay him $10 an hour, he works 3 days a week, sometimes more during busy seasons. I also have a part time girl who works in the tasting room, she works on the weekends, and some of the holidays. Everything for those two is reported, and up to date."
Business suit replies "well, I can see that it takes a whole lot more work than that, to run a place like this! Come on, those two aren't doing enough to make this place work! Who else is working here!"
The grower sighs, and says "well, there is a matter of the idiot."
Suit responds "Idiot?"
Grower (sighs) "yes, the idiot. He works seven days a week, no matter what the weather, or whether he is sick or injured. He gets no holidays off, and doesn't get a dime, and does all of the work that the other two workers refuse to do. He doesn't get paid a dime. As a matter of fact, the only time that he gets anything is maybe a bottle of wine that no one else will drink."
Suit cries "AHA! I knew I'd get to the bottom of this! I need to see this idiot right away!"
Grower "speaking."

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