Do I need to log off to hear a reply?

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Oct 26, 2008
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If I post a question/response and you are online at the same time, do I need to log off and come back, or will your response be posted in "live" time?
In other words, can I just stand by and hope you respond, or do I need to be logged off befor your response will show on the site?
Actually Con, the question was answered. I was just responding to Pam, and when I was done, I went back to todays posts, the response to this question had been responded to by you. So I quess the answer is no, I do not. I go to a computer forumn, and after I log off, any new responses will be posted in my personal e mail, pretty neat. I'd like to see that feature in here but I enjoy yalls company so it aint really a problem.
I have gotten PM and friend notices from this sit in my Email. Go to your user CP, go to edit options, its under there.
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