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Mar 14, 2010
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hi again, okay the night i started my first batch, i made a gallon of diversol and cleaned everything with it and then used it to sanitize everything. Then i put it all back into the gallon jug i had and today i looked at the jar and there was things floating around it.

How long does the mixture last for?
Sorry, I have never used diversol and know nothing about it at all.
Diversol is a pink chlorinated powder. I have used it a bit as a cleaner. It is also an effective sanitizer if the items to be sanitized are soaked for 30 minutes or longer (although some packages may specify a shorter time). It is used by beer makers more than wine makers (in my experience anyway). Due to the chlorine content you should rinse very well after using. I have never saved the used Diversol for another day. The chlorine dissipates and reduces the effectiveness.

i opened the gallon jug that i had it stored in and there was no trace of a chlorine smell at all, might as well make up what i need only