Cranberry-Pineapple-Apple Fermentation went nuts?

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Sep 14, 2022
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Paducah, Ky
I started this fermentation with juices on 10-3 with an initial sh of 1.100. I installed a fish aquarium heater in it and set it to 75f. Day 5 the sg was 1.040 but my heater got unplugged. I plugged it back up and now 2 days later the sg is .940. Wow, that puts my abb at 21% if I did the math correctly. Heat must make these yeasts explode. I started off with crab-pineapple juice and the ph was too low at 2.7. Therefore, I added apple juice and raised the ph up to 3.1. Bryan told me to do this. Day 5 I added potassium carbonate and raised the ph to 3.5. Not sure how to approach this now to get the abv down to 13 or 14%
0.940 is not possible for wine. It's more likely the SG is 0.994. Re-do the ABV calculation and you'll find the ABV is in a good range.
Oops! I read the hydrometer wrong. The final sg was .996 which currently puts it at 13.65 potential ABV. I think I will let it go for another day.
0.994 looks good, time to lift a small glass and try it, see what it's all about!

Also helps you to know whether you want to back-sweeten a little.

Relax, trial and error!
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