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Jack of all Daniels
Dec 29, 2008
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i've got a friend that has saved me a bunch of bottles but 4 or 5 of them are champagne bottles.

are these a no no to use for bottling wine?

if i can use them, can i cork them just the same as a wine bottle?

i've noticed the mouth is slightly smaller than the neck.
It depends mostly on your corker. Can it reduce the size of the cork to fit the bottle? Try a couple.

When I ran a Ferment on Premises, the compressed air corker was very successful with #9 corks and champagne/sparkling wine bottles. I don't have any personal experience with other corkers.

See if a dime fits in there, if it fits perfect then use a #9 cork, if it doesnt fit then go with a #8. If its pretty loose then I wouldnt do it.
Wade -

is that a standard for all bottles or just the champagne bottles.

i've been wondering what size cork to get for the other bottles i've got.

and i've got a portuguese floor corker.
I use #9s in everything with my floor corker. The corker will squeeze a #8 or a #9 down to the same diameter. It either fits or it doesn't fit.

As long as you have a Port. floor corker then you shouldnt have a problem getting #9's in a smaller bottle but for the people with a hand corker Id follow the above method or you will get very frustrated fast. If the bottles are bigger then the dime then i would be a little weary as you might not get a good seal!

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