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For Sale Complete Wine and Beer making equipment.

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Oct 6, 2023
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Louisville, Ky
Note: Everything will be sold together. $500 In Louisville, Ky
This is literally everything needed for the serious kit wine and beer maker. Whether you started with a basic kit or are already an experienced maker looking to expand or you are looking to get started and are smart about bypassing the basic kits, only to find you need to invest in a lot more to really get going. Make several wine kits at the same time and age wine or beer as you see fit, bag your wine or bottle it. Keg your beer or bottle it. Naturally carbonate your beer or infuse with Co2. Co2 tank feels like it is mostly full but can be refilled locally.
6 Gallon Carboy Glass 4
6 Gallon Carboy Plastic 1
5 Gallon Carboy Glass 2
1 Gallon Carboy Glass 2
7.9 Gallon Primary 2
6 Gallon Primary 2
Fast Ferment System (with hanging brackets, stands and extra cups) 2
Boun Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter 1
CO tank 1
Coke Canaster 1
Bottle Tree 1
Carboy Dryer 1
Corker 1
Beer bottle capper 1
Heat belts 4
Hydrometers 3
Carboy Brush 1
Degass Stir 1
Racking Syphons 2
Wine Thief 2
Bungs 10
Airlocks 10
Bag box system 2
Champaing corks, wire and film
Oak chip bags and spirals
Also, around 25 cases of wine, beer and Champaign bottles..

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