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Sep 19, 2007
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I started a savinon blanc kit today.
Unfortunately, I had a brain fart and ended up with way too much s02 in there.
I usually pour about a pint of stock metabisulphite solution into my primary, swish it around to wet the entire surface, then drain the excess out, leaving the surface wet.

Today, I forgot to drain the solution, and dumped the concentrate in on top
of it.

I cant remember the concentration right off, but I mixed it according to the package directions. I've probably added something in the range of 200-300ppm to it.

I poured the must back and forth about a half a dozen times between two primary buckets to see if i could drive some off. I pitched the yeast, but i have a feeling that it wont survive.

Is there a way to get the excess s02 out of there?
I don't know if it's possible to drive off that much SO2 but you could try using an aerator on the end of a drill to work in more air. I'd try everything before pitching it out.
Other than vigorously racking back and forth to blow off some of the SO2, I don't know what else to try. You may have to chalk this up to "What the hell did I just do". I think we've all been there before.

You didn't say how much wine you made but if you added a pint to 5 gals it is considerably more than 200 - 300 ppm.
It was a 6 gal U.S. kit. It looks like I oxidized this when I was trying to aerate it. It looks a few shades darker than it should be.

oh well... I'll let it ferment through and see how it tastes. Maybe it'll be a candidate for a maderia style ( i think thats what it's called) baked wine. Maybe a heater setup in my lagering fridge to make an estufa

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