California Vines taking off

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Aug 8, 2012
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Northern Arizona
It’s year four for my vines. The first year they were just staked, second year I added posts and a low wire, third year I added a middle wire and this weekend I added the top wire to the 4 trellises. I’m training them with two main cordons on the bottom wire and two more on the middle wire. Last year they got really full and even overgrown so this will be the first time thinning shoots and really trying to manage all the new growth. I only have 10 plants so far but hope to add another 6 to 8 this year. I haven’t been spraying anything on them so far (not trying for organic, just haven’t had any problems yet) but wondering whether I should start some type of basic fungicide program this year.

Any suggestions for type of sprays appropriate for So. Cal. would be appreciated.

The pictures show some Cabernet 2 weekends ago and then this weekend and then a Syrah from yesterday already heading for the top wire I just added.




Nice and pretty. Still no bud break here in Washington but that is good because I'm still not done pruning:(
They say it is gonna hit sixty and my grass is starting to grow we could use a few more freezing nights to keep from starting to early as we aren't even close to out of the frost worries yet in Central Washington.