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Jun 12, 2009
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My first time doing blueberry wine.. Started with an SG of about 1.090 on Tuesday of last week. Today, Monday, the SG is already down to 1.010 or less... So, I am going to stain blueberries and rack into my carboy..

I guess my question is, all recipes, and posts I have read state that blueberry wine takes time to ferment out.. This hasnt been the case with mine.. Anyone else have a blueberry go this fast?
last winter I did a blueberry / pomegranate from juice that fermented violently and blew sticky dark foam through the airlock and all over my kitchen (or so it seemed). It finished quickly but turned out very nice in the end. next time I will ferment it in the cellar and have more headspace in the carboy.

I used K1-V116 yeast
i used ec-1118... works fast and dries it right out... just didnt think it would go so fast.. I just racking into secondary
All depends on temp and adid lever in the blueberries. Rack it and let it go dry. Then decision time. F-Pac and backsweeten or fine and start aging.
My blueberry took four days with V-1116. In my experience Lavin yeast works QUICK and 1118 is like a rocket. I believe blueberries have natural benzoate that can make them difficult to get going on occasion.

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