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Jan 10, 2017
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Ok. So I am making a blueberry wine. Per the recipe when the the must reached 1.040 I removed it from the primary and racked it to the secondary. However, it bubbled substantially over the first few hours in the secondary and came out of the airlock. As a result I was forced to move it back over to the primary. So, I guess I have a few questions: Should the wine still be ok? Should I just let it continue in the primary bucket, or is the batch shot? Should I degass it before transferring to the secondary? I have thus far made banana wine, and a batch of strawberry wine, neither of which needed degassing. Any help would be great. Thanks.
You should be fine. I go to carboy around 1.010. After completion of fermentation, and after racking, Degassing if needed.
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Agree with Tnuscan - With an active fermentation above 1.020 moving it to a carboy is a little risky. I find most of my batches are shooting past 1.020 so quickly that am lucky to catch some of them before they hit 1.000.

And don't bother with degassing until the fermentation is completed. When fermentation is completed, rack to another carboy and de-gas it then.

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